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Driving school

"Take a cheap first class and begin with your driving lessons! Order now!"

Order now your cheap first lesson

The lessons

The practical lessons car driving license Amsterdam The practical lessons motorcycle license Amsterdam

The car classes are taking 1 hour (60 min.) and motorcycle classes 2 hours (120 min.). You need to pass a theory and a practical test to get your driving license. We offer 3 courses as options for you:

  • separate driving lessons (without tests);
  • driving lesson package course;
  • or with an urgency course.

Choose a driving course that depends on your budget, your wishes, your time and your pay conditions.

Separate driving lessons

Separate car driving lessons Amsterdam Separate motorcycle driving lessons Amsterdam

Begin now with your driving lessons, buy a drivingcard. These cards are only included with driving lessons. Because the fact that you buy a number of lessons, you get discount on the driving lesson price and you can pay it in deadlines. The cards are expandable with a theorycourse, a meanwhile test or a driving test.
Driving cards carDriving cards motorcycle

Driving lesson package

Packages driving license car Amsterdam Packages driving license motorcycle Amsterdam

Our driving packages: Mini, Midi and Maxi are courses. The lessons are included with a theorycourse (option), a meanwhile test (option) and a practical test. The packages are affordable in timeframes. The first payment is before your first driving lesson. De second till the last one is a month later. Than you pay the last one before your practical test(s).
Car drivinglesson packages Motor drivinglesson packages

Urgency course

Urgent courses car drivinglicense Urgent courses motor drivinglicense

You will take in a fast speed (1 till 4 weeks) the driving lessons with a urgency course. During your practical lessons you follow the theorycourse (option), the meanwhile test (obligated) and the practical test(s). The course is affordable in timeframes. The first payment is before your first driving lesson. De second till the last one is a week later. Than you pay the last one before your practical test(s).
Car urgency courses Motor urgency courses


Our goals

The most important target is to get your driving license. You will take enjoyable lessons, whereas you wouldn't think that you wasting your time. Our target isn't only to help you to get your driving license, but we will make from you a save driver.

Prices lessons

The prices from the lessons

Taking driving lessons by us is not only nice and instructive, but also cheap. We are not paying an expensive office and secretary. It results in a cheap driving lesson price. Check now our car driving license course prices and our motor driving license course prices.


Our procedure is still working good. You begin with a cheap first practical driving lesson. After following the first class, we have an imagination about you. We can offer you about the costs of your driving license. Than we give a non-binding opinion of wich course is the best for you. After that we will make a contract and we will sign it both. Last but not least you pay and we will perform our services. It is possible to do the payments in timeframes.

Order a first lesson

Order a car lesson Amsterdam Order a motorcycle lesson

Do you want to order a first class? During the first lesson you can look at us how we give lessons. A first practical lesson (test) give us the opportunity to show our potentials. Furthermore it is a cheap first lesson. Read more about a first car driving lesson (in dutch only) or a first motor driving lesson (in dutch only).
Order now a first lesson

Location drivingschool

Adress Drivingschool in Amsterdam

The car driving lessons are beginning at Amsterdam West (Sloterdijk station). Station Sloterdijk is accessible with a lot af vehicles. Beside trams and busses, you can also come with the metro or even with a train. We can pick you up at home also, but than you have much les time to train. The driving school is located in Amsterdam East (Indische Buurt). Do you want to check the route? Please visit than our contactpage.

Lesson times

We are open from monday till sunday from 9:00 till 20:00 o'clock. The motor lessons are at day never at night, because our safety. This is not a matter for the car lessons. Are the lesson times a problem for you? Give us a call, perhaps we can fix it!


Trough our webshop you can order theorybooks, DVD's and online theorycourses. Did you give an order and paid trough your bank with Ideal? Expect than your package in your letterbox the following day. You pay a cheap price for sending that package. It fits trough your letterbox.
To the webshop

Authorize Rijschool Tuncay

Machtigen Rijschool in Amsterdam

Without your authorisation we can not fix your driving tests. To authorize us you need your DigID username and password. Do you have these DigID? No, than order for free by www.digid.nl. Yes, authorize us by the CBR website. You need our driving school number. This number is: 1434G8. Autorijschool Tuncay